Physical Healing

We received a phone call on Nov. 9, 2015 around midnight from a surgeon informing us that my father had a 50/50 chance to live after having only been admitted for a suspected urinary tract infection.  The surgeon explained that my Dad had Fourniers gangrene, sepsis and that only 2 out of 10 people survive.

I told the surgeon that my Dad would live and not die and walk out of the hospital completely healed. He sort of mocked my statement and said that I should travel to Liverpool as soon as possible. The Lord gave us a peace to stay at home. We DECLARED IN JESUS NAME that the sepsis would not spread and would leave his body.

After surgery my Dad was put on life support for 14 days.

We believe what God’s Word says about speaking to the mountain and it will be removed (Mark 11:23) and that surely came to pass in my Dad’s life.

My Dad walked out of the hospital completely HEALED with no organ damage and free from gangrene and sepsis. We had been told he would be in the hospital for months, but we declared he would be out by Christmas—Praise God!  We got exactly what we said according to Mark 11:23 and Job 22:28 and God wrought an awesome miracle and He gets the glory!


Greg and Joanne


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