Barb grew up in the small, rural town of Delight, Arkansas in the United States. She achieved a record-breaking career in basketball, leading the Delight Bulldogs girl’s team to its first state championship competition.

At a young age, she recognised an ability to excel in basketball and a desire grew within her to develop this potential, while acknowledging it as a God-given ability.

This preparation, dedication and discipline was all part of God’s unique plan for her life. She had no idea at the time that part of God’s plan for her in the future was to teach people on another continent how to develop “Bulldog” faith in His Word, empowering them to live a victorious Christian life.

Barb was blessed to grow up in a Christian family but attending a traditional, denominational church, had no teaching of the Word of God. Having received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit outside of church, she realized God had provided more for His people than religious tradition had to offer.

Accepting an invitation from a Christian colleague to accompany a church group to England and other European countries, Barb sensed an inner attraction to this part of the world, but with no idea she would actually live here in the future. Upon return trips to England and Europe, she developed a growing awareness of the spiritual climate and God’s heart for this region of the world.

Eight years from her first trip, Barb took a step of faith leaving family and position as a registered Medical Technologist behind and moved to England. Upon arrival, she was cruelly greeted by something she had never experienced before—financial lack. Having been invited to a Kenneth Copeland Believer’s Convention in Bournemouth by a Christian friend in the church where she was serving, she reluctantly accepted, knowing it would take all the money she had just to get there.

Hearing the life-changing principles in God’s Word at this meeting was the beginning of the turning point in her finances and every area of her life. The Bible was not just a history book with no relevance to daily life, it was God’s personal manual for successful living and His unchangeable bond with mankind—final authority over every circumstance.

Since discovering the life changing principles in God’s Word and how to apply them to the circumstances of life, she has experienced more victory, health and prosperity than ever before.

Barb has served in churches and ministries in the U.S. and UK and is ordained through Faith Ministries International. She has a desire to see all of God’s people living the abundant life Jesus came to give and experience God’s best through a working revelation of God’s Word.

Barb’s accomplishments in the sports world have included:

  • All State High School basketball
  • Selected to Arkansas High School All-Star team
  • Twice selected to All-District team
  • Selected to multiple invitational All-Tournament teams
  • Most points in a single game
  • Most points averaged per game
  • Most points in a single season—1,152 in 29 games
  • Most points in high school career
  • Tied for all-time state scoring record of most points in a single game (Class B)
  • State record for most points averaged per game in a season
  • Participated in national AAU free-throw competition in university
  • Played on nationally ranked university AAU women’s team


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