• More Money Comes!

    We have just received a rebate back from Southern Electric for £650. The Word and our confession works–Amen! Greg, Joanne, Joshua, Lily  

  • Money Comes–3 Hours After Prayer

    My wife and I were on the way back from Southampton with our children recently, when we decided to exit off at Petersfield before going home. As soon as I exited, I was unable to change gears. Pulling over to the side, I phoned the AA who assisted us getting

  • My body as the temple of the Holy Spirit

    Over the last 6 months, you have been encouraging us with wonderful truths about healing from God’s Word and how to claim healing for cancer. You asked me to speak to my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and confess that my body is in perfect chemical balance

  • Praise God for His unlimited supply

    On a recent trip into the town centre, the Lord prompted me to give a homeless person £10 to bless them. After talking to them about the Lord Jesus, I was reminded of the scripture that God will repay you when you give to the poor. I was also reminded

  • We speak to the mountain believing what we say and it obeys

    We were on the beach with our family while on holiday. My father-in-law went into the sea with his sunglasses on. Two hours later when we were leaving the beach he realized his sunglasses were gone. The Lord prompted me to go into the sea and I commanded the sunglasses