This page contains Barb Witt’s sermons and podcasts arranged chronologically.

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If You Can See It, You Can Have It

If You Can See It, You Can Have It

In this session you will learn:

  • If you only believe what you can see with your physical eyes, you are
    walking by sight.
  • The things we desire are based on what God has promised us in the
    Word and what Jesus has already purchased for us in redemption.
  • Faith will always talk the end result instead of what exists at present.
  • Faith vs. presumption.
  • The eye of faith only looks at what God's Word says.
  • How Abraham and Jacob obtained their blessing.
  • Take a scripture that applies to your situation-- thinking about it, and
    visualising it is part of seeing it.

Examine Your Faith---

In this session you will learn:

  • Faith has been viewed as a religious organization but it is not a religion
    at all.
  • Faith links us to God's divine power. It is the promise God has made
    to you.
  •  Real Bible faith is not passive. It is always accompanied by action.
  • Don't ever base your faith on what somebody else did.
  • Obeying or following an instruction is often involved when people
    experience the miraculous.

Why Confession Works

In this session you will learn:

* Everything starts with words.
* When we confess God's Word and say what He says, we're sowing
seed in our spirit.
* It forces you to say what God says and causes faith to come.
* If you say what God says long enough, you will eventually believe
* It keeps the answer before you.
* It changes your hear by saying what God says until you are fully
* What you experience today is the result of what you have spoken in
the past.
* The angels hearken to the voice of God's Word.

Obstacles To Healing and Divine Health

Obstacles To Healing and Divine Health

In this session you all learn--
* There are alternative ways to express your symptoms.
* Your health is not solely dependent on your family's genetic makeup.
* You have to let go of any advantage you think sickness or infirmity
* There is a mind-body connection.
* There is a difference between felling unforgiving and refusing to
* Whatever you feed is going to grow and increase.
* We must obey the leading of the Holy Spirit and act on His Word.
* There is a time to stay in your environment and there is a time to go.
* Your actions must equally match your faith.
* In the mind and plan of God, we are already healed.

Defeating Satan's Attacks

In this session you will learn--

* Satan has been dethroned and disarmed by Jesus, restoring to you
the power and authority to give him no place in your life.

* The mind is the place where we either let satan in or resist him.
Give him no place (Ephesians 4:27).

* We resist him with the words of our mouth in Jesus Name.

* Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and a right mental attitude.

* Satan comes at you with thoughts of failure and defeat that are
contrary to God's Word.

* Keep your attention on God's Word, not the circumstances.

Possessing Your Possessions -Pt.2

Possessing Your Possessions--Pt.2

In this session you will learn--

* What God has provided, we must possess.
* It was God's will for the Israelites to go into the Promised Land or He
would not have told them to go there.
* What kept the 1st generation from going in.
* What holds back Christians today from possessing their inheritance in
* Once you know God has given it to you, you must be persistent.

Possessing Your Possessions -Pt.1

Possessing Your Possessions -Pt.1

In this session you will learn--

* Possessing and receiving your inheritance is not automatic.
* Knowing what belongs to us and how to possess it.
* Your salvation, healing, wisdom, money, protection, is as close to you
as the Word of God in your mouth and in your heart (Rom.10:6-10).
* How Jesus taught us to believe we receive ( Mark 11:23-24).
* What religion does not teach--coming boldly to the throne of grace
to obtain (Hebrews 4:16).
* What does it mean to fight the good fight of faith (I Timothy 6:12).
* Faith is not passive.
* Examples of people who actively possessed their inheritance.

I Give You Authority Pt.2

In this session you will learn--

* The Holy Spirit, angels and demon spirits exist in the unseen
spiritual realm.
* The government we represent on the earth is the Kingdom of God.
Our authority extends over any territory that affects us.
* Satan is a fallen angel who has been stripped of authority by Jesus.
He is afraid of believers who know they have authority over him.
* Whatever spirit or spirits people yield to, they take on those
* Just like there are unseen forces that influence people for destruction
there are unseen forces that influence people for good.
* One of the most important things we need to learn is what to yield to
and what to resist.
* In order to protect yourself from wrong influences--never, never feel
sorry for yourself.

I Give You Authority

In this session you will learn--

* Jesus has stripped satan of his authority in the earth.
* Jesus gave authority over devils and diseases to his disciples.
* How Jesus dealt with the devil, evil spirits, fevers and the weather.
* God has given control of the earth to mankind.
* How you are to stand up against the devil and operate as Jesus

The Key To Prosperity & the Problem

The Key To Prosperity & the Problem

The Key To Prosperity & the Problem

Attributes of Those Who Are Blessed

Attributes of People God Can Fully Bless

In this session you will learn--

* Is it all up to God who is blessed and who is not?
* 3 steps that reduce your chances of living in poverty.
* What does the Bible say about who is rich and who is poor?
* What does it mean to be blessed?
* God has not changed--this Blessing is still in effect.

What Kind Of God Do We Serve-- Jacob


What Kind of God Do We Serve?--The God of Jacob

  • In this session, you will learn----
  • How Jacob's start in life was very different from his father Isaac.
  • The scheme for Jacob to gain the Blessing and why his brother
    despised it.
  • How it was in the plan of God for Jacob to receive the Blessing.
  • Jacob remained faithful even though he was working for a liar and
    a cheat.
  • How Jacob eventually qualified for the Blessing.
  • How Jacob had to flee from home with nothing but a stick and a
    backpack and returned a blessed and wealthy man because of
    the Blessing of God.
  • You may have gotten off to a rough start in life, but you too can have
    a good finish.

What Kind Of God Do We Serve--Pt.2.


What Kind Of God Do We Serve? Pt.2
What Would Abraham Say?

In this session you will learn---

  • You can't separate the spiritual realm from the physical/material
    realm. They are connected.
  • Identifying a poverty mentality.
  • The first step to having faith for the God-kind of abundance (and for
    all other areas of provision).
  • God revealed Himself to Abraham as El Shaddai and Jehovah Jireh,
    two Old Covenant redemptive names that reveal His nature and
    His will.
  • God's not going to tell us in advance what He's going to do, how He's
    going to do it, or when He's going to do it because He is a faith God.





In this session you will learn---

  • God's part and our part in receiving divine protection.
  •  Just because God allows something does not mean He caused it or
    that it is His will for it to happen.
  • Can you kick God out of your life and nation and keep His protection?
  • If individuals and nations are not submitted to God and reject HIm,
    He doesn't have a legal right to help and protect them.
  • "Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses but we will remember
    the name of the Lord our God" (Psalm 20:7).

What kind of God do we serve?




In this session you will learn -

* What is the definition of the God-kind of prosperity.

* Is Bible prosperity just spiritual?

* Where the God-kind of prosperity begins.

* What is the will of God for you.

The Spirit if Faith - Receives / Is Persuaded



The Spirit of Faith--Faith Receives/ Faith Is Persuaded

In this session you will learn--

* In order to receive from God, you must believe He is reliable and can
be trusted to keep His Word.

* How Sarah received and conceived supernatural strength from the Word God had spoken and it changed her physical body.

* How Abraham and Sarah became fully persuaded that what God had promised would come to pass.

* You can start out in unbelief and get over into faith and believe God.

The Spirit if Faith - Obeys and Looks for It



Faith Obeys and Looks For It

In this session you will learn---

* Why it is important to stay in the "place" of faith.

* It took faith for Abraham to leave his comfort zone, pull up roots and obey God, when he didn't even know where he was going.

* God didn't give Abraham any details but he believed and obeyed God anyway.

* When you are in faith believing for something that God has spoken to you either in the Word or in your spirit, faith starts looking for it.

* Why many Christians today don't obey God and receive His best.

The Spirit if Faith--Faith Prepares



The Spirit of Faith--Faith Prepares

In this session you will learn---

  • Living faith as opposed to dead faith has a corresponding action that
    accompanies what you believe.
  •  How do we know Noah had faith and believed God?
  •  Noah's act of faith not only saved his family, it also condemned the
  • When you refuse to join in the unbelief and ungodly lifestyle of
    others, it exposes their lack of faith and convicts them that they are
  • God uses people who are prepared.

The Spirit of Faith--Faith in Action



Faith In Action

  •  Living faith believes, speaks and acts on what it believes.
  • Instead of faith drawing back--faith steps out.
  •  Faith expects--when you're in faith there is a continual expectation
    that what you are believing for is happening for you now.
  •  Abel had giving faith---faith that gave the best he could with a willing,
    thankful heart and it impressed God.
  •  Enoch had faith to fellowship closely with God---and faith that he
    would not die.
  •  If you will align yourself with God's Word and not draw back, but
    continue to move forward in faith---payday is coming!



The Fear of Man

In this session you will learn--

  • The origin of fear.
  • Fear is a major tool of the devil to control people.
  • Jesus paralyzed the devil who HAD the power of death. Fear has lost
    its grip on us as born-again believers in Christ.
  • Many are afraid of speaking the truth for fear of being canceled or
    unfriended on social media.
  • We should be more concerned about what God thinks than what
    people think.

Living Long/Living Strong Part 3



A Fighting Spirit - A factor associated with length of life

  •  The Bible is full of people who made mistakes but they had a fighting spirit and refused to give up and quit in the face of great adversity.
  •  The key to winning is to keep getting up.
  • We are to resist the Enemy until he leaves. God will always cause
    us to triumph in Christ (II Corinthians 2:14).
  • A strong spirit is what sustains you physically.
  • Testimonies from Holocaust survivors and medical research.

Living Long/Living Strong Part 2

In part 2 you will learn:

  • Factors associated with length of life--it's not all up to God.
  • According to the Bible, how old is old?
  • How many people in the world are 100 years old and older.
  • Secrets and advice from people who lived to 100 years plus.

Living Long/Living Strong

In this session you will learn:

  •  A long, healthy, satisfied life is the will of God for all mankind.
  • Under the Old Covenant, living to only 70 years was considered to be a curse.
  • God has not set a day and time for you to die.
  • Factors associated with length of life.

Hope--The Blueprint of Faith

In this session you will learn:

  • The two kinds of seeing.
  • Hope is seeing the invisible.
  • God designed your imagination to work for you--not against you.
  • How to develop hope from God's Word.
  • Hope is a blueprint from God's Word that your faith will bring into

Understanding Communion

In this session you will learn:

  •  The 9 components of a covenant.
  • How a revelation of being partakers with Christ will keep sin out
    of your life.
  •  Why we are to examine ourselves.
  •  What it means to partake of the bread and cup unworthily.
  • What it means to be guilty of the body and blood of Jesus.



In this session you will learn---

  • You can't separate exercising faith from checking in with God, hearing
    from Him and being led by the Holy Spirit.
  • You can't take the written Word and override what the Holy Spirit
    is leading you to do or not do right now.
  • In a time of need, the first step to deliverance is to acknowledge who
    is your God and who you are trusting in. The second step is to enquire
    of Him about what you are to do. THAT is what you boldly confess.
  • Paul, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Jehoshaphat publicly
    acknowledged that they had no other God other than the God of
    Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their bold confessions brought big



In this session you will learn:

  • Does God owe everybody protection?
  • Repentance is a good thing. What does it mean?
  • When people ask, "why did God let this happen?", they are asking
    the wrong question.
  • What are some of the "gods" in our society today?
  • As endtime events take place, you need to know who your God is
    because there is no man that can help you.

Living In The Last Days Pt.2



In II Timothy 3, Paul begins to list the characteristics of society and the culture that will be commonplace at the very end of the Church age.
In this session you will learn---

* Why the Holy Spirit is drawing our attention to this so that we do
not conform and blend in with the rest of society.
* It is an urgency about being aware of these characteristics of the
endtime culture to prepare us so that we will not be taken by
We can protect ourselves by knowing what the Bible teaches.
*The last of the last days generation will be know as the "I am"
* All of the other characteristics of society flow out of this
self-absorbed, out-of-balance foundation that is faulty at the core.

Be Selective in What You Say - audio



In this session you will learn:

* The 2 conditions to receive whatever you say.

* When you change what you are saying--you change your life.

* We can rule and reign in this life with our words.

Reigning in Life - audio playlist



In this session you will learn---

* You are significant--created a little lower than God--created in His likeness and image--by God Himself.

* From the very beginning, we have been created, ordained and appointed to have dominion over this planet.

*Because a man (Adam) was involved in the transfer of authority to God's enemy, a man would have to be involved in regaining that authority. That man was Jesus.

*Jesus is our example. We are to operate as He did.