What is the God Kind of Faith – audio


In this session you will learn—

* The definition of the God-kind of faith.

* The God-kind of faith is faith in a person—God.

* Contrasting persuasion and wavering.

* How to become stable.

* How to hold fast to your confession of faith.

* The two main areas faith is convinced about.

The Just shall live by Faith – audio

Pt.1 Victory In Praise & Thanksgiving – Audio



In this session you will learn—

* How we can benefit from a lifestyle of praise and thanksgiving.

* What it means to give thanks in everything.

It’s Possible – Audio

It’s Possible – why didn’t it work? – Audio


In this session you will discover—

* Jesus did not heal anybody or perform miracles to prove He was the
Son of God. He never took credit for healing anybody.

* Before going to the cross in our place, Jesus came to show us the will
of God.

* Traditional explanations why we don’t see hearings and miracles today
on the level they occurred in the Bible.

* Unbelief comes when you have more confidence in what your 5
physical senses are telling you, than the Word of God.

* 2 indicators of unbelief.

* The cure for unbelief.

If you see it – you can have it



In this session you will learn---

* How do you see what is invisible?
* Real Bible faith always knows and sees--it is never blind.
* Faith will always talk the end results instead of what exists at present.
* "Blind faith" is presumption.
*The Word of God tells us we already have it.
* How God taught Jacob and Joshua to possess their inheritance.

Whose company are you keeping?



How would you identify a fool? What criteria would you use?
God has given us his definition of a fool and in this session you will learn some of the characteristics of fools —so your life won’t be destroyed by keeping company with them.

Choose Your Words Carefully – audio



In this session you will learn—

God needs your words and your faith in order to gain access to your life.
The devil needs access to your mind and your mouth in order to gain access to your life.
How you can talk about something without saying the wrong thing.
We should only be speaking increase.

Maintaining an Open Heaven – Audio




In this series you will discover the things that will close the windows of heaven over your life and hinder your ability to receive what you desire from the Lord.

Walking By Faith & Not By Sight – Audio


In this session you will learn:

  • God has not set it up that He is in control of everything.
  • We don’t receive according to the will of God.
  • Faith deals with things that are not seen and not felt.
  • When we operate in faith, we are not limiting God to what we can see or feel, to determine if we have it or not.

The Seed Principle–Hundredfold – Audio



In this session you will learn:

  • Every seed reproduces after its own kind. The seed of God’s Word is planted in the human spirit to produce a harvest of healing, abundance – whatever the seed contains.
  • Your words are also seed. Your spirit is programmed to produce  whatever you plant in it—healing/sickness, increase/poverty, etc.
  • God gives multiplication potential to everything He calls a seed.
  • You will receive according to the value you place on God’s Word (seed) and your ability to water and protect it.

God’s Will – Final Authority – Audio


In this session we cover—

* What will you accept as reality in your life?
* If God’s Word is not the first word and the last word in your life — somebody else’s word is going to be.
*Since God has settled His word in heaven–we should settle it on earth — final authority over every situation.
* You can’t believe God will do what He said–if you don’t know what He said.
* How satan comes to challenge God’s word in your life.

Entering the Promised Land – audio


In this session you will learn–

* For Israel, the Promised Land was a geographical location–our Promised Land is a type of abundant life in Christ that belongs to the obedient now in this lifetime.

* Israel’s journey to the Promised Land has been recorded for us as examples of faith and examples of unbelief.

* “It’s good and it’s large, the only thing is….”

* How good can God be?

* Crucial points in the fight of faith.

* We are well able!

Free From Fear



In this series you will learn–

* Where fear comes from?
* How fear of death includes more than fear of physically dying.
* Jesus came to free us from being slaves to fear.
* You don’t have to yield to fear.
* Jesus has given us His peace and gave us a strong command not to
allow our heart to be troubled or fearful.

Fear of Man – Audio



In this session you will learn—

* Where does fear come from?
* Fear is not just an emotion or a mental state.
* If you are led by fear in making decisions, you are led by a spirit that is not the Spirit of God.
* What you fear—you attract to you (Job 3:25).

How do you call it? – audio



In this session you will discover–

* 3 principles that are key to understanding God’s way of changing things.
* The 2 realms of existence.
* The 2 spiritual laws operating simultaneously in the earth.
* How God taught Abraham faith.
* 3 examples of how Jesus called things that did not exist as though it
already existed.


Does it matter what you say? – audio



In James Chapter 3, he gives one example of what our tongue is like– the rudder on a ship–capable of turning it even in fierce winds and storms. Does it matter what you say and if so, how much does it matter? In this session, the Word of God will answer that question.

*What you say is an indicator of your spiritual maturity.
*How deception and ignorance of spiritual law, can allow satan freedom to keep failure and destruction at work in your life.
* Is God going to do what He wants to do, or is He going to do what you say?
* How you can undermine hard work by saying the wrong things.
* How words authorise God to bring blessing into your life OR they authorise satan to bring destruction into your life.
* Why “first words” are critical when you are faced with adversity that is sudden or unexpected.

The difference between tithes and offerings – audio



In the mind of God, there are two major purposes for Christians having wealth. In this session we will discover what the Word of God says concerning:

* What these 2 purposes are and how God has established the laws of
increase through the tithe and offering principles in His Word.
* When was the principle of tithing established and was it just for the
Jews under the Old Covenant?
* The purposes of giving tithes and offerings.
* The promises associated with bringing the tithe from the
increase and blessing of God in our lives.
* The tithe in the New Covenant.
* What makes up a scriptural offering?

Living Free from Anxiety – audio



Living by faith doesn’t guarantee we will never have any problems, but if we learn how to live worry-free and we don’t give up–the Lord will always cause us to triumph over every situation. Faith and trusting God is what gives you the ability to overcome. In this session you will learn:

* The only true source of peace is in Christ.
* Because we are in Christ, we don’t have to let the cares and worries
of life get into our heart and mind.
* Living anxiety-free is a choice.
* 2 indicators you are in faith, trusting God.
* How do you enter into the rest of God?
* 3 categories of anxiety and how to overcome them.

A Fighting Spirit – audio



In this series you will learn–

* What is a fighting spirit?
* Why do we have to fight?
* We don’t fight with people–what is the fight?
* Why you need to develop a fighting spirit.
* What will get you through trouble and even bodily pain.
* Hear testimonies of people who possessed a fighting spirit.
* God’s will—a long and satisfied life.

Good News to the Poor – audio



Faith for Increase – audio



In this teaching you will learn–

* What God is thinking about when He thinks of you.
* What does it mean to be rich?
* What is God’s purpose for His children being rich?
* Why the world does not come to the Church when it runs out of answers.
* The biggest problem in the Body of Christ today.
* Is it possible to limit what God can do for you?
* The first step in coming up from where you are.
* What you can have is not based on your job or salary.
* Why doubters do without and doubters don’t receive from God.

How Tragedy Can Come Into Your Life – audio

In this enlightening series, you will learn:

  • Satan's primary mode of operation.
  • How people come to believe and accept things about God that are not true.
  • What the Bible means by "...those who oppose themselves..."
  • What does the Bible mean by "...rightly dividing the Word of truth"?
  • Why we must examine everything we believe according to the scriptures.

The significance of what you say – audio


 People despise the Bible principle of confession because they consider words to be insignificant. But Jesus said in Mark 11:22-23, that "saying" is required to having faith in God. The just shall live by faith, the just shall walk by faith.
It is obvious most Christians do not believe that you have what you say because of the way they talk.

In this series you will learn:
* The 2 conditions to receive whatever you say.
* How not to doubt in your heart.
* The primary purpose for words if not communication.
* The practical application to being a doer of the Word.


Being convinced of God’s Provision – audio





According to John chapter 6, the healing of diseases and supernatural provision are both classified as miracles or a sign. Even though the Bible talks as much about God's willingness as it does His ability, many Christians are still not convinced that He is able to provide the impossible. In this session, we see how Abraham and Job both became convinced that God would come through for them.

I Give You Authority – Audio





Jesus left the earth fully expecting His followers to carry on His ministry, which included exercising authority and power over demonic influences and diseases.
This authority and power was not just for the original twelve disciples nor the additional seventy that He sent out. It is for every born-again child of God.
Learn how to apply your God-given authority on the earth and experience the same results Jesus did.

Topics in Biblical Finances – Audio

The Trying of your Faith – Audio



In this series we cover the following:
- The source of tests and trials
- The goodness of God
- Satan's character, nature and devices
- How Satan questions God's character and Word to challenge your faith
- Looking with your senses.

The Name of Jesus – Audio


The Name of Jesus can do anything Jesus can do. With the Name of Jesus we become master over all principalities and powers.

The Power of Thanksgiving – Audio


In this 6 part series you will learn the importance of cultivating a lifestyle of thanksgiving and it’s connection with victory over every situation.

Genuine thanksgiving from the heart before you see the answer is a release of your faith.

Hearing from God – Audio


What if you always heard from God and you always did what He instructed you to do? Do you think you would ever fail?

Is your life better today because you heard from the Lord? Would you like to hear from Him clearer? We can.

The leadings of the Lord can be much stronger and clearer to you than they are now.

This 2 part series provides guidance on hearing God more clearly.

How to Receive Anything – Audio


In this series of 3 tracks you will learn four steps to receiving from God