Money Comes–3 Hours After Prayer

My wife and I were on the way back from Southampton with our children recently, when we decided to exit off at Petersfield before going home. As soon as I exited, I was unable to change gears. Pulling over to the side, I phoned the AA who assisted us getting back home. I phoned my mechanic and he quoted me £710 for a new clutch. As we did not have the money in hand, Barb, my wife and I prayed the prayer of faith and asked the Lord for the £710. We all came into agreement according to Matthew 18:19 that we had the money. Barb also prayed that the money would come outside of my work. I also claimed tither’s rights. Later, I phoned my Mum, explaining I had not been able to ring her earlier due to the car problem. She said they could not help with the money and I explained I had not phoned for that reason and was not asking for their help. Three hours later, she phoned back to say my Dad wanted to pay to have the car fixed. PRAISE GOD! The Lord answered our prayer within three hours of me asking–AWESOME. After the repair, my Mum said, “God must have touched our heart to help you with the car.” That is AWESOME as they are not in the Kingdom yet, but praise God–they will be. May the LORD get all the glory!

Greg, Joanne, Joshua, Lily

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